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A mosaic of cultures manifested through art, music, food and unique experience is what any visitor will find represented throughout Miami. The “305” (one of Miami’s many nicknames) has always been a leader in diversity due its strong population from so many ethnic backgrounds to include the Caribbean and Latin America. There are a multiplicity of things to do, places to go and memories waiting to be made in multicultural Miami so don’t wait any longer to taste, touch and indulge!

Featured Tours & Experiences

Futurama was established in 2011 as a creative workspace in the heart of Little Havana. The space houses 12 artist studios and 5 offices. Monthly events include art openings & networking events.
black police
Museum honors Black Police Officers in Overtown, as they served during the pre-Civil Rights era of the 1940's, 50's, and 60's. It is the only museum of its kind in the nation, and home of the Ball & Chain Weddings.
Taste authentic Cuban cuisine while learning about Little Havana’s culture and traditions. Immerse yourself in the culture, art and music of the picturesque neighborhood of Little Havana.
Viernes Culturales
Anyone who enjoys live music, dancing under the stars, art galleries, domino games, cigar rollers, local arts and crafts and delighting in the wonder that is Little Havana is more than welcome to be a part of Cultural Fridays!
Explore the authentic culture and heritage of Little Haiti, which is the cultural heart of the Haitian diaspora in Miami. Learn Haitian history and enjoy tastings of authentic Haitian food & beverage staples!
Harlem overtown
Historic Overtown, formerly known as the Harlem of the South, has been overlooked. This historic Miami neighborhood is reemerging as the place to visit for rich culture, history, art, food and music.
Havana Rooster
A visit to Little Havana is a must! This vibrant Miami neighborhood is full of Hispanic culture. Latin-inspired cafes, restaurants, and art spaces showcase various Latin cultures through the locals, food, music, dance and Cuban cigars.
Malcolm X and Ali at Hampton House
The historic Hampton House was the place to see and be seen in Miami’s black community. When Black leaders and entertainers could not stay at hotels on Miami Beach, they retreated home to this haven in Miami's Liberty City.
The Gibsons civil rights
Rev. Theodore and Thelma Gibson, affectionately known as the father & mother of Overtown. Two trailblazers who used their influence in the civil rights movement, business and church to create equity for Black people in Miami.

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