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Belize is a nation on the eastern coast of Central America, with Caribbean Sea shorelines to the east and dense jungle to the west. Offshore, the massive Belize Barrier Reef, dotted with hundreds of low-lying islands called cayes, hosts rich marine life. Belize’s jungle areas are home to Mayan ruins like Caracol, renowned for its towering pyramid; lagoon-side Lamanai; and Altun Ha, just outside Belize City.

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Chocolate is not only said to be an aphrodisiac, but also has many healthy properties in its purest organic form - the cacao bean. This bean was valued so much by the ancient Mayan people of the region that it was actually used as currency.
Offer tours to tourists and Belizeans alike who wish to learn about the secrets and mysteries that Belize has to offer. Join us as we take you on a Belizean adventure across the length and breadth of this beautiful country that we call home.
The San Antonio Women’s Cooperative offers education in traditional pottery making, embroidery, cooking and serving guests through sustainable tourism as a means to preserve their culture and make a living.
Join this family of Belizeans who will take you on cultural journey through food! Enjoy a taste of Belizean flavors prepared by local restaurants. Learn about local Belizean history too!

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