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Powered by the Cultural Heritage Alliance for Tourism, Inc. (CHAT), a tourism and business development company, based in Miami, FL, dedicated to providing sustainable tourism programs to help level the playing field for small tourism businesses, cultural institutions and destinations through cultural stewardship. 

Culture onShore™ is the world’s first online marketplace for cultural heritage tours & activities led by local tour & activity operators, tour guides and cultural institutions in the U.S, Caribbean and international destinations.

As a result of the economic downturn for the global tourism industry during COVID-19, our goal is to engage world audiences in local cultural immersive experiences through tours showcasing the rich culture and heritage of destinations worldwide. With great anticipation, we hope that locals, domestic and international travelers will support local tour & activity operators and cultural institutions when they #traveltomorrow by booking cultural heritage tours and activities through Culture onShore™.

Through our #ICARE4CULTURE global movement, we encourage locals, domestic and international travelers to seek out and patronize small tourism businesses and cultural institutions in off the beaten path urban and rural neighborhoods. You can help sustain local businesses and communities through travel and tourism! #ICARE4CULTURE is presented in partnership with the Cultural Heritage Economic Alliance, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organized based in Washington, DC.

Culture onShore™ offers the following:

A no cost opportunity for local tour & activity operators, tour guides and cultural institutions to promote their tours, activities and events to global audiences.

No cost cultural immersive virtual tour experiences for students and travelers to learn about rich cultures, history and unique experiences of destinations worldwide.

Discounted pre-booking and gift card opportunities for travelers who would like to book and save on tour and activities in advance in anticipation of future travel.

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